Tampa Terminal

Eastern Associated Terminals Company stores and loads chemical fertilizer for use in both domestic and export markets.

Terminal Specifications:
Location: East shore of Hillsborough Bay in Tampa, Florida
Land Area: 22 acres
Transfer Type: Loads to ships or barges from covered storage. Also loads directly from rail cars.
Commodities Handled: Dry phosphate chemicals such as MAP and DAP.

Major Equipment:

  • Automated rotary car dumper
  • Three combination stacker/reclaimer units (one outside)
  • Traveling shiploader
  • Over 11,000 feet of belt conveyors
  • Merrick Electron belt scales
  • Dust collection system
  • Fully equipped machine shop
  • Front-end loaders, tractors, air compressors, welding equipment, etc.


  • Covered Storage: Building is 850' x 285' and 75' high. Total storage capacity of 110,000 tons divided into seven bins
  • Throughput: Maximum throughput of approximately 7,000,000 tons annually.

Loading Rates:

  • Dry Phosphate Chemicals: Rail vessel direct - 1800 tph, Ground storage to vessel - 2500 tph
  • Rotary Dumper: Unloads a 65-car unit train in under four hours.

Physical Limitations:

  • Length of pier: 585' (no waiting berth)
  • Channel depth: 41' at mean low water leve
  • Depth at pier: 38.25 feet at mean low water level

Vessel Restrictions:

  • Length: Unlimited
  • Beam: 125'
  • Height: 53' mean low water level to hatch coaming
Contact: Thomas.Davis@ingrambarge.com / (813) 242-3060